Traditional Irish Stout


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Reminiscent of Ireland’s world-famous velvety stout, Traditional Irish Stout boasts a creamy tan head, brown-black and garnet hues. Enjoy the scent of roasted coffee and barley and the rich familiar taste of roast coffee and dark chocolate, slightly acidic on the finish.

Beer Characteristics
Alcohol by Volume - 4.5%

Colour - 134

Bitterness - 33

Brewing Program - Custom (Propagate: 18°C, Ferment: 17°C, Keg: 18°C, Store: 4°C)

Approximate Brewing Time (Primary) - 5-7 days

Inside the Box
1x E1
1x E3
1x E4
1x X4
1x Y2
2x P
1x Droid Cleanse