Ruby Porter


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With a wicked ruby red glow, white creamy foam, and cleansing moderately bitter finish, this British styled beer balanced with hints of toffee and faint chocolate is sure to intrigue even the most experienced beer taster.

Beer Characteristics
Alcohol by Volume - 5.5%

Colour - 55

Bitterness - 27

Brewing Program - Custom (Propagate: 19°C, Ferment: 16°C, Keg: 18°C, Store: 4°C)

Approximate Brewing Time (Primary) - 5-8 days

Inside the Box
1x E1
1x E2
1x E3
2x X3
2x H9
1x Y4
2x P
1x Droid Cleanse


BrewArt Rookie
Put this in the Droid 1 day 18 hours ago.
And I was prewarned about its volatility on the official site. So I slipped an oven pan under the Droid.
This is what greeted me on arrival home from work.


BrewArt Rookie
Currently in the old dart and visited Cheddar today. Yes it's where the cheese came from.
At a shop that sold cheese I bought the attached picture.
A bottle of Porter.
Though I had brewed some myself, I had never had a commercial Porter.
And it was very much stronger than my BrewArt effort. The chocolate and coffee tastes were dynamite.


BrewArt Rookie
Ok experts.
So I can't use the app to start this brew.
Can I do it manually?
What program to use and how do I monitor it?
All suggestions welcomed.


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Haven't tried it away from the app but custom should do the trick then as per the BrewPrint set the following:
Propagate: 19°C
Ferment: 16°C

I don't believe you can monitor it once you initiate it from the BeerDroid itself.


BrewArt Rookie
I decided to not wait for BrewArt to solve the issue and just started a new account.
Lost all the records of course, but I'm brewing again, the easy way.