Revolution Dark Lager


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With deep amber hues topped by a creamy milk coffee head, enjoy the aromas of sweet biscuit, citrus and flowers in this Vienna-style pale ale, before embracing a mouthfilling balance of toasty sweet malt with a cleansing bitter finish.

Beer Characteristics
Alcohol by Volume - 4.5%

Colour - 22

Bitterness - 21

Brewing Program - Lager

Approximate Brewing Time (Primary) - 9-20 days

Inside the Box
1x E2
1x E5
1x X1
1x X3
2x H1
1x Y8
2x P
1x Droid Cleanse


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Poured my first tonight, it tastes very smooth and is surely an easy drinker. Very similar to the dark lagers I have had in Europe but may be lacking in flavour for those who enjoy a punchy IPA (which I do). Poured very well but lost head half way through the glass.

Can't really fault it though, I recommend it if the style interests you.


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Thanks for sharing, I do like those beer glasses! But seriously how many glasses do I need.

I am finding a lack of flavour a common theme, perhaps I am expecting a little too much but the lagers I have had to date have been extremely good with their own unique taste profile.