Recommendations needed please

Hi there, new to beer brewing and hubby has bought me a droid to kick me off.
Firstly can anyone suggest which brewprint I would use for Little Creatures "Bright" Ale and their Pale Ale?

Also has anyone used the coopers tins in their droids?

Cheers and thanks in advance for all the great info


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Cant say I have found similar to the little creatures pale ale.

My 3 favourite in no particular order
American Pale Ale
Deutsch Lager
Neder Lager

I haven’t personally gone with the tins but have read people have done it successfully.

I have stuck with what I know :)


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I use tins , prints & fresh wort kits , I have two droids so I just halve everything with the tins & fill to 11.5lt , the droid can handle it all, my only recommendation with the tins is buy some good yeast like us-05 to go with it as the tin yeast ain’t that good


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Yeah it should be fine but I wouldn’t store too long, as soon as the first one is Bottled/Kegged I’d be putting on the other half. You can also do the whole tin but that will give you a much stronger beer & may end up more bitter.