New Print - Golden Days Of Summer Ale


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Golden days are here my friend, and this ale is as bright as the summer sky. Its brilliant golden amber hues are topped with white foam like the crest of a wave. Fresh passionfruit and citrus aromas invite you in, then crisp medium bitterness and malt tell you to put your feet up and settle in for some serious summer relaxation.

Beer Characteristics
Alcohol by Volume - 5%

Colour - 12

Bitterness - 30

Brewing Program - Propagate: 22°C, Ferment: 17°C, Keg: 18°C, Store: 4°C

Approximate Brewing Time (Primary) - 5-8 days

Inside the Box
1x E1
2x E5
2x X2
2x H6
1x Y1
2x P
1x Droid Cleanse

BrewPrint Price - $39
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Will have to add this of the ever growing to brew list.

Great to see some expansion of the BrewPrints.