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Welcome aboard

We certainly do have our quiet times and things certainly haven't picked up as quickly as I thought but slow and steady.

Depending on the topic I guess.

I think the big one at the moment is pouring from the BrewFlo.


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Well I'm sure both forums have their place.
As far as the official site is concerned, I would like a bit more interaction with the BrewArt team.
If a poster brings up an issue that the BrewArt team has a solution, then they should be first to post and resolve the issue.
While I'm happy for the Brewartists to solve problems, I'm sure the Brewart team get the same problem many times over, so the forum would lighten their load if they can short circuit it.
I'll continue to use both forums.


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Hey Banjo great to have you on here. You actually inspired me to get the BrewArt system after seeing your post on the Coopers forum. Cheers!


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Thanks Deeks! At the time I noticed that no one outside of the paid reviewers were mentioning anything about them, and they obviously not by brewers and pretty much wrote the same thing as each other comparing it to Nespresso. So I thought I may as well take people through my experience and bust some myths along the way.


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How did you end up going Boz?
Hi Darren, sorry about not replying has been a bit of a hectic time for me. I was about to buy the droid when my 80s Landcruiser did a clutch. I was about to go away on holidays for two weeks so didn't get it fixed till I got back. $1750.00 later the cruiser is fixed. Hence I didn't buy the droid the next day as my post said.
Good news is I am the proud owner of one and have a Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale 2 days into ferment mode.
All I can say is what a sexy cool WOW piece of kit the droid is. Just crossing fingers I don't get the dreaded cracks or bad tap problems.
My droid is called Bozdroid by the way.


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Excellent great to hear, things always happen at the worst possible time.

Fingers crossed in regard to cracks that's for sure.


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Hello all, I have had my droid for a few months now and have made 5 brews. So far all I have drunk is mountain range IPA in the flow and it has poured well. Also have a Revolution Dark Lager, TCCA and West Coast Pale ale in secondary with a midlands pale ale in the droid, typically targeting 5 weeks minimum secondary. In total I have 8 kegs

I have a bit of experience with the coopers in a can home brewing. Was very excited when I saw this toy due to the ease of use, lack of cleaning and range of beers. So far I am really happy with it.

Looking forward to reading and contributing to the site as I am learning as I go and have had a couple of ups and downs. So far I'm loving the kit and enjoying the service from Coopers however the shipping is annoying.
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Hey all, just got my beerdroid today and so far I'm loving it, easy to clean and setup, had my 1st brew on within an hour of getting home (using no-rinse 2 min sanitiser instead of 2 hours with those tablets). Pretty stoked with the whole thing apart from a little nervous as only saw the business of the cracks etc after coming on here while it heated up to propagate temp. Won't be getting a brewflo, seems like a waste of money for something that seems gimicky, pretty hit and miss and makes you do a secondary (full disclosure though I am the owner of iKegger the steel kegs pictured in Banjo pimped brewflo picture!) Looking forward to having this little package running constantly to keep my little kegerator full!
Hi Dave, I don't prime them with sugar. One of the best things about kegs is the ability to just use co2 bottle (sodastream) to carbonate them within a few minutes. No sediment and no waiting for a month for bubbles to form.
No worries thanks i will try that
DON'T put brew into a sodastream machine and try carbonate it that way if that's what you are thinking, it's been tried plenty of times before and ends in mess and broken machines from all accounts I've read! I'm talking about using a regulator on a proper steel keg like these ones


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Hi Brewers,
My name is Geoff and I have just got a Droid and a Flo.
My brewing experience started with a kit and kilo then onto partials and AG, built a couple of AG breweries and over the years moved on and bought a Braumeister 20 litre.
You may ask, why have I gone down the Droid path.
Well I retired about 18 months ago and we are travelling in a caravan and after looking at the Droid it should fit in perfectly for me as a "mobile brewery"
The machines fit in the back of my Toyota and when brewing we will stay in the one spot to build up stock.
The Brewprint concept will suit our travelling as they are convenient and easy to store.
If I have to carry extras the amount should be minimal.
Planning to head off again in March 2018 so I have a couple of months to practice at home.
My first brew is the American Pale Ale which will hit the Droid tomorrow and I am looking forward to it.


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Name is Graham and I just love this beerdroid I am an electronics engineer and I love how simple and smart the beerdroid is, back in my younger day I tried my hand at building a brewing/kegging system myself, I started with a wheat beer using a 5L mini keg.

Money was tight back then so in my hast to tap the keg I forgot 1 very important safety device known as a pressure release valve, so I applied the CO2 pressure.... 1 click...... 2 clicks ....... 3 clicks them the keg buckled so in my panic I pulled the 5 meter beer line which gave me just enough time to regret my actions.

With in an instant all 5L of beer shot up to my kitchen roof, I stood there with my mouth open in shock and beer poring in my mouth in a beer rain storm, So I started cleaning up my mess when my wife walked in, she looked at me and then at ground zero and said, "So what did you think was going to happen? your a smart man you bloody idiot".

So 2 marriages later I found beerdroid which does all the hard work for me and keeps my marriage and kitchen in tact and for that I am truly thankful.

Narellan Vale NSW