Ginger beer

Pete R-C

BrewArt Rookie
Just completed primary fermentation on a ginger beer, selected a Morgans (makes 20l so just halved the ingredients) but used Y9 yeast (cos I like it..) fermented for 13 days at 12C (didn't have a hydrometer so monitored the bubble action) when bubbles stopped gave it another day. Just hope it doesn't blow!! used the standard 1 pack of sucrose will give it 4 weeks in secondary. Also used Dextrose in the primary should be about 3.5% alcohol.

Tasted after primary and it gave me a big smile, tasted great

Note the Droid doesn't detect fermentation so I used it as a temperature controlled vessel.

Will let you know how it goes



Pete R-C

BrewArt Rookie
Tried the ginger beer over the weekend, it turned out perfect, great taste and plenty of bubbles, alcohol content about 3.5%..