English Pub Draught


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A strong English style pub ale with thick foam and bold flavour. Rich gold promise fulfilled with honey and fruit aromas and smooth malty biscuity balanced with medium bitterness. This golden-brown beverage is a must for lovers of traditional English ales.

Beer Characteristics
Alcohol by Volume - 4.5%

Colour - 18

Bitterness - 24

Brewing Program - Custom (Propagate: 19°C, Ferment: 16°C, Keg: 18°C, Store: 4°C)

Approximate Brewing Time (Primary) - 6-14 days

Inside the Box
2x E5
1x X1
1x X3
1x Y4
2x P
1x Droid Cleanse

Dan B

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Love this brewprint. Tastes just like it said it would.
Also the first beer I've had pour perfectly from the Brewflo. Was beginning to worry after three really heady beers, but the English draught nailed it.


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Great to hear the pouring effort is well worth the wait, I'm yet to find that brew which enables me to do so pour after pour.

Not sure whether temperature comes into it or what.

Will put this one on the shopping list though at some point, too many to choose from that's for sure but will get through them one by one eventually :)


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I like your labels! I used to just keep my beer bottles in a separate case for each batch with a number on the case and a notepad to tell me what beer was in what case number. It worked well for a while until I got lazy, now for some cases I am guessing what I am putting in the fridge. Starting to use stainless steel kegs though so I think I can put some effort into labeling the kegs or tying a label to them at least.