American Pale Ale


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I bottled the dregs left over that didn't fit into the kegs into a pet bottle with white sugar and after just a couple of days the bottle was so hard that it was clear it had carbonated really well. I'm going to open this one on Friday myself, which is 4 days short of a fortnight, just to get a gauge on how it carbonated. It has no hops in it and is only the dregs so I'm not expecting anything special. The drops from what I've heard in the past can sometimes be a bit hit and miss and for that reason the next batch which is being split into 1 keg and the remainder bottles will be half/half using dextrose and the drops to once again get a bit of a comparison. Will let you all know the difference if any.


BrewArt Rookie
I also bottled my dregs for this brew and it should be ready in 4 days but I will wait an extra week to try it and then 2 more weeks to try the keg. Hopefully it turns out ok but will have to wait and see.